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Job # Job Title Category Location
11740 Head Grower Mixed Organic Farm Saanichton, BC
11839 Farm Worker Horticulture - Vegetable Farm Positions Surrey, BC
11838 General Farm Worker Horticulture - Vegetable Farm Positions Cloverdale, BC
11737 Warehouse/Service Assistan Warehouse - Jobs Abbotsford
11736 Counter Sales Person Sales Abbotsford
11735 Service Technician Agriculture Technicians Abbotsford
11734 Equipment Operator and Supervisor Farm Equipment Operator Abbotsford
11730 Large herd feeder Farm Equipment Operator Chilliwack
11729 Cropping and R&M Manager Dairy Crop Rosedale, BC
11727 Installation and Assembly Technician Agriculture Technicians Abbotsford
11726 Daffodil picker Horticulture - Bulb Farm Positions West Abbotsford
11724 Farm equipment operators Farm Equipment Operator Abbotsford
11722 Herdsman/milker Milking &/or Feeding &/or Herd Management Abbotsford
11814 Farm help farm help Knutsford
11810 Chicken Catcher Poultry Abbotsford
11807 Herdsperson Livestock - Dairy Jobs Rosedale, BC
11805 Egg Collector Poultry Farm- Broilers & Layers (CHICKEN) East Chilliwack
11804 farm labourer Livestock - Dairy Jobs Armstrong BC
11798 Farm Manager Farm Manager Jobs County of Grande Prairie
11788 FULL TIME MILKER Milking &/or Feeding &/or Herd Management ABBOTSFORD

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