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Job # Job Title Category Location
11740 Head Grower Mixed Organic Farm Saanichton, BC
11839 Farm Worker Horticulture - Vegetable Farm Positions Surrey, BC
11737 Warehouse/Service Assistan Warehouse - Jobs Abbotsford
11735 Service Technician Agriculture Technicians Abbotsford
11734 Equipment Operator and Supervisor Farm Equipment Operator Abbotsford
11730 Large herd feeder Farm Equipment Operator Chilliwack
11729 Cropping and R&M Manager Dairy Crop Rosedale, BC
11727 Installation and Assembly Technician Agriculture Technicians Abbotsford
11724 Farm equipment operators Farm Equipment Operator Abbotsford
11722 Herdsman/milker Milking &/or Feeding &/or Herd Management Abbotsford
11814 Farm help farm help Knutsford
11810 Chicken Catcher Poultry Abbotsford
11807 Herdsperson Livestock - Dairy Jobs Rosedale, BC
11805 Egg Collector Poultry Farm- Broilers & Layers (CHICKEN) East Chilliwack
11798 Farm Manager Farm Manager Jobs County of Grande Prairie

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