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Farm Supervisor
Job Number: 11735

Farm Type:Blueberry Field Supervisor
Persons Required:45
Job Duration:2-15  (Permanent position)
Job Starts:07/02/2019
  • 0 - 0 per hr.
  • 0 - 0 per month.
Work Schedule:
  • 8 hrs
Other Job Details:
Skills Needed:
    Thorough knowledge of the principles, methods, and techniques of practical farm

    management as related to institutional needs and purposes.
    Thorough knowledge of soils, crops, animal disease, and insect pests and of modern

    methods for their prevention, eradication, and cure.
    Ability to plan and direct large scale diversified farm activities and to direct

    skilled and unskilled employees in varied farm operations.
    Ability to keep records of time, production, and costs and to make reports and

    recommendations for improvement in methods and equipment.

Education Required:
    Graduation from a standard vocational or high school, supplemented by some college

    course work in agriculture; and considerable, responsible experience in general farm

    work involving farm planning, methods, and production; or any equivalent combination

    of training and experience.


    Confers with administrators and research project leaders on work plans and programs

    and makes recommendations for improvements; assists in planning land preparation,

    fertilizing, planting crops, cultivation, and harvesting of experimental plots.
    Determines soil use and rotation of crops.
    Inspects dairy, garden, poultry, orchard, and other units; confers with and advises

    projects leaders on problems; passes upon requisitions for equipment and materials;

    approves work schedules.
    Plans and supervises the planting, cultivation, harvesting, and storing for field and

    garden crops on large and complex institutional farms.

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Job #: 11735

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