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Milker - milker's help
Job Number: 11745

Farm Type:Dairy Crop
Persons Required:2
Job Duration:part time or full time  (Permanent position)
Job Starts:Sept 32019
  • 0 - 0 per month.
  • Based on experience
Work Schedule:
  • Midnight - 8 or 9am
Other Job Details:
Skills Needed:
    Reliabilty, dependability, physical strength, patience, observance,adaptability

Education Required:
    will train

    feeding calves, and related chores milking and helping to milk

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Job #: 11745

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Personnel Department
Agricultural Labour Pool
1144 Vedder Crossing
Chilliwack, BC
V2R 3N7

Fax: 1-604-823-6292

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